Personal accounting

We offer a range of bespoke accountancy and advisory services to help you optimise your personal finances.

At David Owen, we understand that everyone has different financial needs and personal goals, so we take time to gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances and future plans, before recommending the levels of ongoing advice and support. The services we suggest will take into account both your short-term and long-term objectives and are tailored to you and your family’s specific circumstances.

Personal accounting services


We can provide help and advice across a wide range of areas, including taxation, financial planning and wealth generation.

Personal tax

Our personal tax team is experienced in delivering bespoke strategic tax planning advice so that you can make the most of the opportunities within the current system.

With tax legislation becoming increasingly complex, and with more emphasis and responsibility being placed on the individual taxpayer, we are able to provide the necessary on-going professional advice and support to help you be as tax efficient as possible.

Inheritance tax planning

Our inheritance tax planning team is knowledgeable and experienced in inheritance tax rules and regulations, helping you to minimise the tax burden for the next generation of your family. The way this is achieved will vary from one family to another, depending upon business interests and other assets owned.

By taking the time to understand your current position, including wills, trust deeds and death-in-service benefit, we can help you to minimise any inheritance tax.

Capital gains tax planning

Our capital gains tax planning team can help you ensure that current capital gains tax reliefs available are maximised. We help minimise the tax burden when you sell or gift any significant assets that have increased in value, such as properties, shares and businesses.

Whilst everyday items are generally excluded, the allowances and reliefs that can be claimed have changed over the years, so it can often help to seek advice before disposing of an asset as the timing can be critical. By taking the time to understand your current situation, we can help to “manage” certain transactions or spread them over time, allowing you to minimise, or even eliminate the tax burden.

Trust and estate management

The David Owen trust and estate management tax team can help you give away assets, such as money, property and shares, in a tax-efficient, controlled way, for the benefit of the people you choose.

With the value of property and estates continuing to rise, trusts are becoming increasingly popular as flexible and highly effective tax and estate planning tools. By taking the time to understand what you want the trust to achieve, we can select the right one and then administer and manage it on your behalf, either as a trustee or an executor.

A trust has many benefits, they can help to:
· Reduce tax liabilities
· Protect capital and assets
· Maximise after tax income
· Reduce the cost of long-term care

What our clients say about us

“I am really pleased to see how carefully you are picking up on every point in my tax affairs to date. It is very reassuring.”
Personal Tax Client
"David Owen have been our family’s accountants since 1961. Welcoming, approachable and easy to deal with, their tailored tax and investment advice has proved invaluable. What sets them apart is their efficient, timely and flexible service, together with an ability to keep everything simple. This allows me to concentrate on running my business, safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with my finances in the best possible way."
Richard Barnes-Gorell, In-Tuition School of Motoring

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