Trust & Estate Management

David Owen & Co Trust & Estate Management Tax Team is knowledgeable and experienced in the use of trusts, allowing you to give away assets, such as money, property and shares, in a tax-efficient, controlled way, for the benefit of the people you choose.

With the value of property and estates continuing to rise, trusts are becoming increasingly popular as flexible and highly effective tax and estate planning tools. By taking the time to understand what you want the trust to achieve, we can select the right one and then administer and manage it on your behalf, either as a trustee or an executor.

A trust has many benefits, they can help to:

  • Reduce tax liabilities
  • Protect capital and assets
  • Maximise after tax income
  • Reduce the cost of long-term care

We specialise in
  • Agriculture

    Farming and rural businesses continue to face a variety of challenges in what is a rapidly changing industry. Our specialist team of agricultural accountancy experts deliver trusted support to increase your profitability and minimise your tax liabilities.

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  • Charities

    With a wealth of charity clients, our specialist team of charity accountants is fully up-to-date with changes in accounting, tax and other legislation which affects charitable organisations, ensuring operational effectiveness and a positive impact on your beneficiaries.

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  • Legal

    With increasing amounts of rules, regulations and legislation, our specialist team provide tailored and added value accountancy services to the legal services sector, to help you maximise tax savings, promote growth and remain compliant.

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  • Academies

    With increasing numbers of schools converting to academies, our specialist knowledge and experience ensure that academies can confidently meet their new challenges and regulatory responsibilities, and are encouraged to grow and develop in an efficient way.

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